As I set my sights on 2018, I see all of the pathways that Julpak can take me.  Most of the past year I have walked on solid footing, sometimes on rocky ground, but always with that trail front and center.  Wandering but not lost.  Compass in hand.  Looking for True North.  I trek with the confidence of knowing that the skills I have developed over a lifetime will come together and make this journey successful.  I see the precipice and I walk along the edge, I see the rapids and I steer for the standing water.

Where Julpak is going

As I re-launch the website please keep coming back to see what’s new and interesting.  I’ll be blogging about travel, camping, hiking, and everything in between.  There will be new products and just like before, I will want your input to make them the best they can be.  Also, keep in touch on Facebook, YouTube, and other media platforms as Julpak grows.


I look back on the last three years since starting this endeavor, and I am grateful to all of the people who helped me along the way:  my friends, who have cheered me on and who have understood the silence when I was just too busy working; my customers, who have helped shape Julpak and kept my new small business afloat with enthusiasm; and especially my family, who have supported me in every way imaginable.  Thanks especially to my cousin, Geoff, for all his help and guidance with this website!